Ben F

Image Optimisation

One of the most important but perhaps under-appreciated tasks in the design and development teams is the judicious optimisation of images. We use the word judicious very specifically here because it is a job we can’t currently leave solely to computers. It is a job that requires keen eyes and excellent judgement. Why? The largest category of assets, in terms of file size, on a web application are almost always the images. An unneeded JavaScript library like jQuery or generally flabby code (which obviously we would never be guilty of writing, but suppose we did) can be easily dwarfed, in…

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Improving CSS at bet365

There are few interfaces that are as necessarily dense and complex as a modern betting application. InPlay Match Live views, Partial Cash Out interfaces and the bet slip itself each contain a significant number of user interface components. Historically, maintaining the many styles for our application has always been problematic. This simplicity and forgiving nature of CSS means it’s easy to write and keep on writing it – even though, months and years down the line, half the styles may no longer apply! As such, style sheet authors working on new product features could never feel entirely confident knowing what CSS was…

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