Welcome to the bet365 Technical Blog!

Demand for our products and services has meant that we are fast approaching the limit of what traditional technology can offer. Our team of developers are working to solve the challenge through software and in doing so are helping to deliver a new paradigm in Enterprise and Internet technology. This blog is about discussing the challenges we face with this new technology, outlining the problems we need to address and how we go about solving them.

A bit about bet365

Founded in 2000 in North Staffordshire, we are the world’s largest online sports betting company with over ten million customers worldwide. We employ more than 2,000 people and are one of the largest private companies in the UK.

Innovation in technology lies at the heart of the bet365 business and has done so since day one. When the company established in 2001 no one knew how betting would work online. However, whilst competitors continued to focus on replicating the offline experience online, bet365’s founder Denise Coates transitioned from pure sports book to focus on In-Play betting.

Cracking the technically challenging In-Play betting would be the first of many breakthroughs that we would achieve on our way to becoming a world leading online brand.

Today the demand for and complexity of our offering has made bet365’s technical infrastructure and systems some of the most advanced of any business working online today.

bet365’s IT development is managed and executed 100% in-house by a team of more than 300. We are always on the lookout for new members to join our development team; people who have a pioneering spirit and are not afraid of venturing into new territory.